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Balance Swing Car Cat Toy

Balance Swing Car Cat Toy

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The Balance Swing Car for Cat's Toy will make cats improve IQ,  more interactive with owners and cats, and cats can keep moving with each other.

When the product is erected, it can swing back and forth to attract cats to play. 

Movement by external force can also be moved by the force of its own weight generated by the main body swinging back and forth.

Because this product will strongly attract cat to play with, so we recommend you that its better for cat to play for only 20-30 minutes each time.  Too long time playing will overdraw the cat's physical strength.


The size of the Toy : - 

Without electric drive, the toy can move by itself while the cat is playing.

 When the product is placed horizontally, the toy rotates like a turntable, attracting the cat's interest in playing.



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